The Fifth International Workshop on the Statistical Analysis of Multi-outcome Data (SAM 2020) will be held in the Southwest Jiaotong University, Emei (峨眉) Campus in Sichuan, China on 7/7-8, 2021 (Thursday and Friday). The topics include but not limited to multivariate and high-dimensional outcomes, joint models of longitudinal and survival data, prediction modeling, and recurrent events.
The SAM2020 has to be postponed to July 7-8,2021 due to the current situation. The registration date is July 6, 2021.
Our venue is located in the beautiful area of Mount Emei (峨眉山), one of the Four Sacred Buddhist Mountains of China ( It is also close to Leshan Giant Budda (乐山大佛)built in the 8th century (, the largest and tallest stone Buddha statue in the world. It is 100 miles away from Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province (with panda and delicious spicy food), with convenient transportation (high speed train directly from Chengdu airport). The first four meetings were successfully held in Paris University VI (2012), Cambridge University (2014), People’s University of China in Beijing (2016), and Washington University in St. Louis (2018).

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